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Product Lines


ADVANCED Motion Controls manufactures affordable, high-performance, and high-power-density servo drives. Our standard product line with close to 200 models is a great starting point to work with any industry and any application. In addition, modified and fully custom solutions to allow you to realize your vision without compromise. Located in Camarillo, California, our state-of-the-art facility integrates engineering, manufacturing, testing, and support in a single location.

Learn how AMC approached various mobile robotic applications to reduce overall project footprint, increase voltage and meet critical application requirements. Click to watch->


Axccellus provides cost effective safety solutions as well as complete machine automation solutions.


Axccellus Safety

Full Turkey Safety Controls And Integration

Custom Security Fencing

Stand Alone Safe Component Installation And Integration

Axccellus Machine Automation

Control Panels

Machine Retrofits

Complete Custom Machine Builds (concept, design, build and test)


Delta Line has a wide-ranging product portfolio that includes Stepper Motors, DC and brushless DC motors, gearmotors, linear actuators and encoders. Alongside its headquarters and state-of-the-art logistics Centre in Switzerland, the company has an experienced technical network operating across Europe and USA, providing fast response to markets that include healthcare, robotics, textile, power tools, industrial machinery, security/access control, and agriculture.

GearKo Drive Technology Limited is a manufacturer specializing in high precision planetary gearbox as well as rack & pinion. Superior performance and cost advantage help enhance customers’ competitiveness. Strong technical expertise enables GearKo to provide
customized solutions for customers. Global distribution network ensures excellent delivery.

High Precision Planetary Gearboxes
In Line Shaft Output Helical
In Line Flange Output Helical
Right Angle High Precision Helical
Hollow Rotary Actuator
​High Precision Gearbox Integrated with Pinion Output (one-piece)

FLUX produces high performance angular, rotary and linear encoders.
FLUX employs a patented Giant Magneto Impedance (GMI) technology sensor or a high frequency inductive sensor to deliver the hysteresis-free high-resolution performance of an optical encoder with the robustness and large mounting tolerances of a magnetic encoder.
Holistic 360° simultaneous sensing of the grating eliminates first order errors associated with eccentricities of installation and operation to deliver customer achievable extraordinary accuracy that is not influenced by either repeating or non-repeating eccentricity.
FLUX encoders differ from alternative measuring systems by offering all their best features in one encoder: outstanding accuracy, resolution and repeatability delivered from a small package that is easy to install and operates in both clean and polluted environments.
Standard product, modified standard product and custom product inquiries are invited.

  • Unique Engineered Solutions for Motors and Motor Assemblies

  • Rotary, Direct Drive, Linear, Limited Angle, Limited Travel Applications

  • Designs for complex projects or cost down volume production

  • Low volume production in the US, high volume production in SE Asia or Europe


ThinGap’s core technology is our thin coil stator, expertise in the optimal utilization of electromagnetic components and our proprietary design tools that result is a step increase in performance relative to conventional slotted technologies. ThinGap’s approach yields very high power density, high torque density, zero cogging smoothness, and up to 95% efficient, while still being lightweight and low volume. Our frameless motor kits offer unsurpassed mechanical design flexibility, with an open design platform for achieving deep integration and are highly scalable in size, shape and power.

UAV Propulsion | Direct Drive Robotics |  Imaging and Metrology Systems Gimbals | Reaction Wheels | Medical | Precision Machining | Semi Equipment

GT854  TOYO.jpg

TOYO … Industry leading Global Manufacturer of Electro-Mechanical Linear Actuators. They produce a wide range of actuators configured with a ball screw or belt drive all with recirculating linear bearings. Supplied with a motor mount and coupling for the motor of your choice or with Closed Loop Servo Systems, Linear Motor Actuators, and Electric Grippers. TOYO is a master at Multi-Axis Systems and Cartesian Robot Design. Standard configurations or custom designs, fast and competitive. Many actuator configurations to meet most application requirements for load, speed, and repeatability. 


TruTech is the leading supplier of brushless DC (BLDC) servo motors for all applications requiring the ultimate in precision motion control and those needing simple control of motion.
Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • Readily available ‘Fast Track’ servo product line for applications with conventional motor needs.

  • Modified ‘Fast Track’ versions incorporating changes that fit the application requirements.

  • Customer specified servo motor designs for any motion and application aspect for complete integration.

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